Friday, December 19, 2014

Tim Ferguson and the role of comedy in the entertainment arts

In my last post I talked a little bit about what comedy means to me, and several of you chimed in with your shared thoughts. I was amazed and pleased to discover that others enjoy the same comedies that I do and for much the same reasons. Well, it's not surprising that you liked the same comedies; after all, they were popular for a reason. I guess the thing that surprised me is how the topic struck a common chord. (Speaking of Chords, stay tuned because my next post is going to be about a wonderful romantic comedy from RoseAnn DeFranco, called The Right Chord.)

Back to the little vein of interest I've struck here talking about comedy. Maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised. As I was writing the last post, the topic reminded me of an amazing lecture I recently watched about why comedy is so important. Today I would like to share this amazing Ted Talk with you, featuring Tim Ferguson, an Australian comedian and an author whose book on writing comedy is the top prize at the free writing contest posted at the end of this post.

And here is the writing contest, open to poetry, prose, and prose poetry entries. Word count is just 500 words. If you win any of the top three places, you will win one of three very good books and gain publication on the Poetry Sans Frontieres website.

Give the contest a try, and good luck!


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  1. That was an interesting Ted talk. I love them. Looking forward to your post on The Right Chord.